Prisoners+Guards Rules2017

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Prisoners+Guards Rules2017

Post by AdemRezgui (Lion) on Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:20 pm

Prisoners Rules :
1- Free Day Player Can't Attack CT but he can Go to the Gunroom and take the weapons , Rebel + free day = Ban 60 mn
2- Free Day all Prisoners Can Rebel
3- Follow the orders of the Simon or you will be killed
4- If You Need Points You must Play The GambleGame
Guards Rules :
1-Free Kill = Ban Perm
2-Free Shot = BanCt
3-Ct Noob Can't Take The Simon
4-CT must have a good mic
5-CT must be more than 14 years old
6- Ct follow The orders OF Simon
7- Ct can't use Mic when Simon is speaking
8-Ct can And Must Help the Simon To get a good game
9-When Prisoners Rebel CT can Order them
10-Ct must cover the simon and cover him self
11- CT low Hp and prisoners Don't Rebel Can Ask the simon to give him HP
12- Using Songs menu without Reason or for free = BanCt
13- Ct Can kill AFK After the others Prisoners left the cell or the game is started
14- CT must Give Warning Shot For Prisoners
15- CT must Give Chance For Prisoners

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