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Simon+Admins Rules2017

Post by AdemRezgui (Lion) on Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:21 pm

Simon Rules
1- Simon can't Play bad games like "a5er wahed ytabes ymout awel wahed ytabes ymout"
2-Duck and freeze is not allowed .
3-Playing in the cage 3 rounds in the same map is not allowed
4-Playing in the cell 3 rounds in the same map is not allowed
5- Playing Games of others JB Servers is not allowed (New Games Soon)
Admins Rules
1- Grades
Semi Admin
member* : Tn*Jail
member** Tn**Jail
2-Rules Of Admin
Admin Can't Revive After The Game Start
el Admin eli 3andou akther access houwa eli yetsaref
Admin ya3ml Respawn bel Semi Admin menu ma8ir may9oul ll simon = Remove
Admin Ban admin 3andou Grade akther menou = Remove
Fi el Server Fama kan admins 3andhom nafs el grade yetsarfou les 2
Admin use Microphone While Simon is speaking = Remove
Admin Abuse Cmds = Remove
Free Ban / free banct = Remove
Insult = Remove
Use WeaponMenu To Rebel = Remove
Use Tsay barcha = Remove
Free Slay / Rocket / Rev = Remove
Soon Exclamation

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